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Pre-conception Health Screening | Obstetrics in Singapore

Pre-conception Health Screening

  • Basic Gynaecological Examination
  • Blood Grouping
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Analysis
  • Breast Examination
  • Detailed First Consultation
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Full Blood Count
  • Hepatitis B Screening
  • HIV Screening
  • Medical Report
  • Pap Smear
  • Pelvic Ultrasound
  • Review of Medical History
  • Rubella IgG Antibody
  • Venereal Disease Screening (VDRL)
Understand why pre-pregnancy care is important for a healthy pregnancy.
Antenatal Screenings & Tests | Obstetrics Clinic in Singapore | SMG Women's Health

Antenatal Screenings & Tests

  • Dating Scan
  • Doppler Ultrasound Scan for Foetal Surveillance
  • Foetal Anomaly Screening Scan
  • Growth Scan
  • Viability Scan
  • 3D & 4D Ultrasound Scans
  • Cervical Length Surveillance & Cervical Cerclage
  • OSCAR (First Trimester Screening for Down’s Syndrome)
  • Assessment for Pre-eclampsia
  • Amniocentesis
  • Chronic Villus Sampling
  • Non-invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT)
  • Routine Antenatal Blood Tests
  • Screening for Gestational Diabetes
Find out about the different antenatal checks in your first trimester, second trimester and third trimester.
Labour & Delivery | Pregnancy | SMG Women's Health


  • Vaginal Delivery
  • Assisted Vaginal Delivery (Forceps or Vacuum)
  • Caesarean Section
  • Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)
Find out more about the various Delivery Methods.
Postpartum Check-up | Obstetrics in Singapore

Postpartum Check-up

  • Review of Mother’s Physical and Mental Well-being
  • Pelvic Examination
  • Wound Inspection
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Health Education (Breastfeeding, Birth Control, Weight Reduction)
Learn more about Postpartum Recovery.

Mommy Makeover (Post-pregnancy)*

  • Treatments for stretch-marks, loose skin and excess body fat
  • Managing post-partum hair loss and facial skin changes
  • Improving sagging and deflated breasts
  • Post-pregnancy tummy concerns
*Offered by our partnering clinic:
SW1 Clinic in Singapore
Find out more about the various mommy makover services.


The male and female O&G specialists in our clinic network are located at multiple locations in Singapore for easy and quick access.

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